Well Built, Beautiful, and Historic

We intended to enhance what was beautiful and respectfully remove and/or reconfigure every aspect that did not add to the use, the beauty and enjoyment of being home. With appreciation for the original spirit of the house, we built on what good bones and materials were already in place and added new materials and more of the old with some exaggerated qualities for pleasing contrast.

Each design project is shaped by the many conditions inherited in that job alone and is therefore unique.

Color and materials were chosen to enhance the function of each room while exaggerating or softening the strength of the architecture. In the living room, every color we brought in was absorbed by the wood paneling [which was probably why a previous owner lined the whole room off-white]. We brought the wood tone back to its natural richness then discovered that black and golden mustards would enliven and attract while still inviting the degree of formality and function.


All cabinetry design was driven by the need to reflect some aspect of quality from a time past while not being so restrained with “correctness” as to dampen the experience of being in the space.