Calm and Cool

Traditionally Lighthearted

These homeowners wanted to stay true to their 1920’s built home while upgrading and maximizing storage space. So we gutted the room, which often reveals hidden problems. I designed all the cabinetry and had them built by talented independent cabinet maker, Jeff Koopus Cabinet and Chair Maker in Edgecomb, Maine. 

As is often the case with couples, this couple had very different preferences for color. It was fun and satisfying to land on this classic, quiet, and functional design with an added light-hearted element in the art and fabrics while staying cool and calm.

Quiet Textures

This customer, a talented artist not shy with color in her work. It was important for her to have a space with a quite atmosphere.

The room was gutted which exposed problems. We applied the same large grey/green tiles on floor and walls to keep a continuity in materials, which helped to keep the room calm. The rain glass panel provides a bit of privacy while enhancing the organic atmosphere.


Simple and Strong

It was important here to maximize the natural light while maintaining privacy from outside. The light hits the white panels on the window treatments and glows. This homeowner has a very refined sense of shape and color, and we were transitioning from a very traditional setting to a modern one. It was important to keep the shapes simple but strong.

I designed the barn door to provide privacy from the adjoining TV room while balancing the color and shape of the window treatments and adding interest. The door was expertly built and installed by Neal Barrett Woodworking here in Rochester, NY.