“Darcy has an ability to give you what you want and make it better. She gets to know clients at a personal level and uses those insights in her design work. Her organic sense of color and particularly texture bring a natural warmth to her rooms. I guess the biggest endorsement is that most of her clients remain her friends long after the engagement is finished. “

Good Design

Each design project is shaped by the many conditions inherent in that job alone and is therefore unique. The more conditions the designer can be aware of, the more the successful the finished project. The success is measured by the level of satisfaction of the homeowners. The satisfaction is measured by how much the completed environment expresses the different qualities and/or requirements unique to each person living in the home.

The designer’s emphasis should be on understanding and developing an individual’s preferences… especially true for couples who often have differing design sensibilities. After a conversation about what is wanted and needed in a given space, the question is “how would you like to feel in this room?”  We share the same kind of adjectives (e.g., warm, relaxed, uncluttered) but words never really mean the same thing to each person.  Attentive listening, questioning, experience and intuitiveness are essential to the success of the process. My customers always delight me with the depth of their descriptions.

Respectfully nudging individual tolerance to color is always a part of the process. People are consistently happier with the results when we push past color prejudice.

Good design is always about the relationship among form, color, and light. The space between objects has the same impact as the objects themselves… shapes, surfaces, finishes and textures enhancing each other, like a good meal really. And, of course, all really good interiors, no matter how carefully crafted, are both preparation for and renewed by the artwork they hold.

Good Design invites us to live more fully in our rooms, meaning all of the senses are well cared for.


Interior Design touches all of our lives whether we realize it or not. We are affected daily by order and beauty or the lack of it, in our homes, the places we work and visit. So making the best of spaces goes a long way to help us live our lives at home.


When I receive or send a card in the mail, I feel a kindly connection between us. Thoughtfully rendered subjects can give one the feeling of being considered or even be enlivened a bit by an image reminding them it is a beautiful world or just offering a smile.


Illustration is an opportunity to explore and record stories, create atmospheres and reveal relationships with or without words. Images support text and bring words to life. The mediums pencil, water color, or oil, can express the story differently.